A Brookings Institution analysis of 2010 Census data showed that between 2000 and 2010 the Austin-Round Rock metro area had the fastest growing "pre-senior" population (age 55-64) in the nation and ranked second in senior (age 65+) population growth over the same time period.

Over the next several decades, the 65+ population is expected to continue to grow rapidly both in number and as a share of the population - by 2040 more than half a million (517,772) older adults 65+ will live in the 5-county Austin-Round Rock MSA and comprise nearly one-fifth (18%) of the Central Texas population.


Housing: In 2010, 54% of Central Texas renters and 27% of Central Texas home owners 65 years and older experienced a housing cost burden, which is defined as spending 30% or more of household income on housing costs.

Home Care: The primary desire of older adults is to remain living at home rather than enter a nursing home.  But some need help with personal care and/or household tasks to achieve this goal.  According to a 2008 survey by St. David’s Foundation:   

  • 11% of seniors (60+) in Central Texas had difficulty getting out of a bed or chair and 7% needed help with bathing, showering or dressing. 
  • While most older adults are able to manage light housework like doing dishes straightening up or light cleaning, a significant share (40%) report difficulty with heavier household tasks like scrubbing floors, mowing the grass or washing windows.

Transportation: Of Central Texas residents 75 years and older, 20% do not own or drive a car and 18% report lacking transportation.

Caregiving: An estimated 5 million informal caregivers in Texas and 61.6 million informal caregivers across the nation provide care at some time during the year. Caregiving responsibilities can negatively impact a caregiver’s physical and mental health, strain finances, and require sacrifices in work and personal activities.

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